Thursday, July 24, 2008

Daily YouTube: The GREAT Hank Williams

Less than a year before he died, the King of Country Music, the great, tragic Hank Williams, along with many other performers from the Grand Ole Opry, made an appearance on NBC's The Kate Smith Evening Hour.

So pull up the ottman, put on your cardigan and slippers, mix a drink, light your pipe, and join us for a little stroll thru prime-time TV, circa 1952.

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Beverly Taylor, Alabama said...

Thank you for this. He was and is truly the Late Great Hank Williams....the greatest influence on country music and also an influence even on Bob Dylan and Elvis Presley......He was not however the "tragic Hank Williams" though his death at age 29, was tragic. He will always be the "hillbilly poet." My stepfather grew up with him and they were boyhood friends.