Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Atlanta has soured on Tex

In today's Atlanta Journal Constitution Braves blog, David O'Brien is contemplating what it would take to send Mark (Big Tex) Teixeira packing. His views sound just like all of ours this time last year.

O'Brien has figured out that Tex, while a stat-producer of massive proportions, is not a clutch guy, does not even resemble a team leader, and is all-business/no-passion.

Hell, Dave, any Rangers' fan could have told you all that just as soon as the ink was dry on last year's trade.

We've given Doogie some major grief for failed trades (Soriano for Wilkerson/Sledge/Galarraga, Young/Gonzales for Eaton/Otsuka - makes my head hurt just thinking about 'em), but we have failed to give credit for last year's absolute fleecing of the Braves. Miserable Mark and Ron Mahay for Saltalamacchia, Harrison, Andrus, and Feliz will go down as the most one-sided trade seen in these parts since the Herschel Walker deal.

In the meanwhile, Braves fans are ready to get Tex out of town. The question is who's going to give up talent to rent his services for 3 months. Not the Rangers, and that's all I care about.

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