Sunday, May 04, 2008

Stars-Sharks: It ends tonight!

There are previews all over the place. Personally, I like the DMN Stars blog for the latest and greatest news.

Speaking of which, it looks like Stu Barnes isn't going to make it tonight. Dude has to have a concussion, and probably a pretty bad one. Barnes is one of those glue guys who's value is difficult to judge until he misses a lot of time. His absence has resulted in some serious line juggling, which is not what Tippett wants this time of year.

Regardless, this has to end tonight. Game 7 in San Jose would be a nuthouse. You don't go up three games to none, then have to go back to the other guy's place for Game 7. The Red Wings have their feet up right now, recharging for their next opponent. The Stars need some downtime as well, if only to get Barnes back. And they need to regain their confidence, which may be a bit shaken after losing two in a row.

It says here Stars, and maybe by a bunch. I think 3-1 or even 4-1 are likely.

Go Stars!

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