Friday, May 02, 2008

Stars: Oh boy

I'm still on the bandwagon, and I'm still feeling good. Our boys are still up 3 games to 2 following the just-completed 3-2 OT loss in San Jose.

And yes, I wish I had come up with "Stars lose their way in San Jose". It's terribly gay, but I chuckled.

I'm just a little nervous, that's all.

Letting these clowns back into the series is a mistake, obviously. Especially when you're up 2-0 in Game 5. I give the Sharks full credit, they capitalized on some dumb plays and passiveness by the Stars. And Turco finally let in the soft goal.

Dallas sports fans, myself included, are just too gun-shy. We've been burned by all of our teams in the recent past. Any hint of a possible melt-down is met with much gnashing of teeth and a pressing need for more Maalox.

This needs to end on Sunday. We can't handle a Game 7. The entire DFW Metroplex of Love will spontaneously combust.

Go Stars!

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