Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Ozzfest is coming to Frisco, "family-friendly" tag to be given the day off

The Observer's music blog, DC9 At Night, is reporting that this year's Ozzfest will be a one-day circus of deviltry, to be held in a single city. The post goes on to inform us of the exact location: within the friendly confines of our own just-down-the-street sports venue - Pizza Hut Park.

It's bad enough when creaky, old, worn-out Jimmy Buffett or big-hat-no-sleeves-and-less-talent Kenny Chesney invade our fair burg. On Aug 9, we will have to deal with the likes of Goatwhore and Apocalyptica.

Anyone want to rent my house that day? I sure won't be here.

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