Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Stars-Wing: Those guys in red are pretty good...

The fun appears to be about over, as the Stars are down 3 games to none to those boys from Detroit. The Stars threw everything they had at Wing last night in Game 3, only to get beat 5-2.

No one, myself included, had any hopes for the Stars entering this year's playoffs, so to make it to the Western Conf Finals, playing the President's Cup winners and probably Stanley Cup champs, is an unexpected bonus. There remains a chance for the a miracle comeback, but it's not like Detroit is barely beating our boys. This has been a domination from the beginning. Those guys are just better.

Last night was a great effort, and it was good to see some smart play, real scoring chances, and passion from our boys. They aren't going down without a fight.

However, injuries to Barnes, Boucher, Lehtinen, and (probably) Morrow are taking their toll. The inexperience of the kids on the blue line, and some mistakes by Zubov (I'm sorry, but I still think a bit over-rated) led to a couple of scores last night. And Detroit has some truly outstanding players.

Game 4 is tomorrow night, and we sure would like to see the boys avoid the sweep. I think they will. I think this team has too much pride to go out meekly. We'll be by the channel for sure!

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