Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Um, is this a good idea?

I certainly don't like to spend too much time trying to out-think the Israelis. Their situation is so far beyond my ability to comprehend, and I am so unable to put myself in their shoes, that I will give them the benefit of the doubt by default.

That is, until I read this little post-a-rooney on Wired's Danger Room blog: The Israelis are tinkering about with a "thinking" machine which can, under certain circumstances, take over national defense from those quivering buckets of protoplasm called humans.

The scenario is a massive "doomsday" strike launched by (insert name of hostile, nuclear-armed Islamic state here). Said unnamed state launches so many missiles that the humans are overwhelmed. The "thinking machine" acheives supreme situational awareness, and is able to calculate and execute actions and reactions more quickly and effectively than the best battlefield commander.


I saw the Terminator movies. I know where this leads. Count me out.

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