Monday, January 28, 2008

Hamas taking shots from some of their Arab bretheren. Finally.

Abdel Rahman Rashed, a Saudi national serving as general manager of the pan-Arab al Arabiya news channel, said Hamas is responsible for the suffering of some 1.5 million Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip.

Writing in a Brit Arab-language paper, Rashed said, "Hamas committed a stupid act when it gave the Israelis an excuse to launch attacks in retaliation for a few antique rockets."

Ya think?

The PA joined the dogpile. Information Minister Riad al-Malki said the latest crisis was the result of Hamas's "insistence on creating an Islamic republic in the Gaza Strip." He also accused Hamas of trying to evade responsibility for the situation in Gaza by blaming it on the PA.

Nice trick. Kick out the rivals, then blame them for your failure to replace them.

Maybe the most interesting part of this Jerusalem Post article is the nugget about the food and fuel situation in Gaza. Hamas will have you believe that Israel's semi-blockade of Gaza has fomented an enormous humintarian crisis, as there food and fuel stocks are dwindling rapidly.

According to the PA, Hamas has forced Gaza bakers to close their shops, even though there is sufficient stock to keep them baking for the next two months. In addition, again according to the PA, if there is a fuel shortage, its because Hamas has stolen most of the fuel in Gaza for their own vehicles.

Once again, we see how fundamentalist Islamic "leaders" place their agenda ahead of the welfare of their populace. They are more than willing to sacrifice their people in order to "save" them.

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