Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Week 3 - 'Boys dodge their own bullet, Can Pats keep ANYONE healthy?

A little background first:

I used to be as big a fan of the NFL as there was. Growing up, college, after college, I was GLUED on Sundays. I was always a Cowboy fan, and going to school in Boston converted me to a Pats fan as well (after all, Ron Meyer and Craig James were Patriots when I was at BU).

Then, around 1997 a few things began to change:
  • My daughter was born.
  • Jimmy left the Cowboys.
  • Jerry was left at the helm of the Cowboys.
  • Barry became coach of the Cowboys.
  • Free agency started in earnest.
All of these things conspired to make me lose interest in the NFL. And lose interest I did. I had a little fun rooting against Jerry Jones, but for the most part, you couldn't find my interest in the NFL with the Hubble telescope.

Well, over the past few years, I've realized that I missed it. I tried and tried to get back into it, but it just wasn't the same. Finally, the wifey sort of urged me to become a fan again, to invest a little passion in it again. Realizing that this sort of opportunity does not get presented to the average guy very often, I knew that I had to take advantage of it now, or forever hold my peace.

So, this is me trying to get back into the NFL. HDTV helps a lot, but it takes some effort on my part as well.

So, the Cowboys almost dropped one to a contender for “Worst Team in the History of Ever”. Tim Rattay? Who is that guy? Arnaz Battle – a football player or a fight at Lucy’s house (can I get a rim shot)? The Cowboys defense made them look All-World. Here are five words no one has put into the same sentence in about 5 years: Thank God for Drew Bledsoe. He was as cool as you could ask for on that last drive. And Keyshawn Johnson is as close to Michael Irvin as we’ve seen since the glory days.

It was fun to watch, even if it was ugly as heck.

On to the Pats. What does the team’s group health policy look like? Which part of the rule book says they’ve got to lose someone for the season every week? Adam Vinatieri – best pressure kicker ever. Discuss.

Big wins for both teams yesterday. In today’s NFL, its not “how?”, it’s “how many?”. At the end of the season, a squeaker over the Steelers or even the 49ers is just as much of a win as a blowout over the Eagles. Did your team get to file a win w/ the league office? Yes? Then move on, soldier.

Final note: The Cincinnati freakin’ Bengals? Huh?

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