Friday, September 30, 2005

Football weekend

Week 4 of the NFL and week 3, 4, 5, or 6 of college, depending on your team's non-conf schedule.

Games to look forward to this weekend, in no particular order:

Texas - Missouri - The win over Ohio State was impressive, but I'm still having trouble believing Mack Brown is worthy of a national championship

A&M - Baylor - When you're talking about the Aggies, every game is a trap game. I just hope they stay the course with Coach Fran.

Oklahoma - K State - The Big One against Texas is looming, but K State is not a pansy. Stoops has not had to deal with much adversity since he showed up in Norman. When do the wheels get back on?

Va Tech - W Virginia - The Hokies are tough. I know a guy in Northern Virginia who is STOKED about this team (wave if you can see me, Dale)

USC - ASU - Tempe was home away from home for about a month this summer. USC could probably beat about half the teams in the NFL.

Florida - Alabama - How much beer do you think will be consumed during this one? And no way a guy named "Urban" should be coaching a team from the Deep South.

As for the NFL:

San Diego - New England - My buddy Joe, who is a Pats lifer, is now living in San D. I don't think Charger fans are all that passionate (much too laid back for that, dude), but still - be careful Joseph!

Jets - Baltimore - Poor Vinny. That's no way to be greeted back into the NFL.

Eagles - KC - Donovan McNab already has enough injuries to kill an average man.

Dallas - Oakland - The Cowboys have played three pansies and are 2-1. Oakland has played three tough teams and is 0-3. Oakland is giving three and a half. Argh. This is why I don't bet.

SF - Arizona - I'm tuning in just to see the giant question mark that will be hanging in the smog of Mexico City. The crowd will be trying to figure out why the NFL hates them so much.

With any luck, those a-holes at Comcast will have my HD receiver fixed by the start of the noon games on Sunday. Of course, Drew's b-day party is at 12:30, but we should be done in time for the 3:00 kickoffs.

Go (insert your team here)!


Deke said...

Coach Fran has been given 2 years with which to build and let my Alma Mater down considerably. I don't this thing happening but then them Ag's never cease to amaze me.

Gig "Em

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