Friday, September 30, 2005

Hockey is here & certain to be better than '04-'05 (we think)

This from Bob Sturm (local sports-talk radio station guy) regarding the new rules this year:

I don't want to be the first one to say it, and honestly, I am pretty sure I am
not. But, I am very concerned about "Gary Bettman's New For You 2005 NHL".

Now, granted, I have only seen about 4 games so far, and they have all been played
with between 50-70% minor league hockey players, but this sport that I love
appears to have undergone a substantial facelift in certain areas, and although
it is met with general disdain to knee jerk this early in the proceedings, I
must tell you that I am concerned.

Of course, it is quickly admitted here that anyone reading or writing on this website is not the target audience of "Gary Bettman's New NHL". We are the few and the proud (they tell us) who loved this sport for what it was. Sure, some alterations make plenty of sense in any sport, but the game itself was exciting and frankly, one of my favorite things to do. But alas, they wanted their "relaunch" in an effort to turn this sport into
basketball on ice, and guys like me sit and wonder what we are looking at right

Tune in to Bob's Blog to read the whole thing and for more insightful sports commentary and radio goofiness.

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