Thursday, August 19, 2010

Monster weekend at Lochrann's - Sept 24 & 25

Fellow Northlanders, circle your TV Guides right now! On Friday, Sept 24, our friends at Lochrann's will be hosting none other than THe BAcksliders (no typos there, btw).

If you likes you some garage rock, you will loves you some BAcksliders. Video evidence below.

That's Lochrann's on Main St in Frisco. More news when there is some. For now, block it out on your handy Outlook calendar.

Oh, and the next day, Lochrann's hosts OysterFest. Another event worth attending. You're welcome to crash at Chez CIT, but reservations are required.


THe BAcksliders said...

THe BAcksliders show on the 24th has been cancelled

PHE said...

NNNOOOOOOO!! Well, we'll catch you guys somewhere else then. And soon!