Wednesday, August 25, 2010

“Entourage” – still a lot of fun

I know HBO’s Entourage takes a lot of heat for its alleged douchebaggery, but I have been a fan since early on and still enjoy it immensely. Its lost its innocence – its going to be pretty much impossible to top the scene from Season 2 (I think) where James Cameron, from the pilot’s seat of his helicopter, offers “Aquaman” to Vince, poised to board down the hill in Park City, with Ari, in his office, pumping his fist silently while listening in – but its still laugh-out-loud, draw-you-in television.

What prompted this post is the recent parade of Dallas sports owners who have shown up in Ari’s office. First it was Jerruh, dangling an NFL franchise in front of Ari and setting off all sorts of over-the-top hysterics. Then, this week, Mark Cuban, all 6’3” of him, gets stuck in the waiting room with Turtle and Alex, just long enough for them to pitch some tequila investing Cuban’s way and scoring a ride on the Maverick’s 757 to Sacramento to tell the whole story.

I got the feeling Cuban may be around for a few episodes, if only via mention. And Turtle’s business may turn into something. His thing with Alex seems to be moving forward rapidly. Good for you, Turtle!

This week’s fall-off-the-couch-laughing moment was kinder, gentler Ari reaming out a studio exec (I wish I could remember her name – she’s a regular) in the most profoundly vicious manner, even after his (and his wife’s!) extreme embarrassment at the publication of some of his rants in a Hollywood tabloid. No one can ream a person out quite like Ari.

It’s fun to see these guys show up unexpectedly. And, even well into Season 6, I think Entourage has done a great job of portraying Hollywood (and America) in a realistic, and very believable, manner. I’ve always suspected it’s good to be the king. Entourage would seem to indicate its even better than I thought.

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