Monday, January 05, 2009

India has some hot sports opinions

Buried on about page 9 of today's DMN is one heck of a shocking story. Apparently, India has solid proof that "state actors" on the Pakistani side were involved in planning and execution of the recent Mumbai fireworks. Further, the Indian Home Minister will be bringing said proof over with him when he visits the US next week.

India and Pakistan make me more nervous than anyone this side of Iran. Two nuclear-armed countries, one with a barely-in-control central government and a HUGE fundamentalist problem, the other allegedly the "world's largest democracy" with a huge chip on its shoulder; it's surprising they haven't gone to the mat yet.

My initial reaction to this one was along the lines of "No way the Pakis are this crazy." I mean, they couldn't have been involved in that mess, could they? Then I think back to the assassination of Benazir Bhutto, the continued support of the Taliban by the ISI, and the inability of the new government to get a grip on the western provinces, and suddenly its not so hard to believe.

I wonder what this "proof" is, and if we'll get to see it.

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