Friday, September 26, 2008

The Lies of Sarah Palin by Matt Tiabbi

Matt Tiabbi, among other things, write political columns for Rolling Stone. In the latest issue he puts forth his take on Sarah Palin.
Please read His Article and then check what he says against the facts and then make up your own mind.
I know where I stand.

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PHE said...

Watch the grammar, Uncle Walt. You are better than this.

Verb tense aside, good stuff. I still think she's an excellent Van Halen video babe, but the voice/accent and the fascist agenda are starting to get to me.

I am still waiting for Obama to lay out a plan for the Middle East that doesn't involve inviting those party animals from Hamas to the negotiations (really, who negotiates with psychotic nihilists?), but other than that, I am about to go buy a donkey suit.