Monday, April 25, 2011

Where we were this weekend

A busy Friday, and a quiet Saturday made for a pretty well balanced weekend.

A couple of recommendations come out of Friday night:

1. Meddlesome Moth on Oak Lawn in the Design District. Pretty cool place, if a bit Uptowny. Heck of a beer selection. Food was very good. It's sorta tapas-y, so I wasn't sure how much to order. We split a "Share Plate" of hummus and a "Stick Meat" plate of a Caribbean chicken (exact name escapes me) and it was plenty. And very good.

Worth a check-out.

2. Lakewood Bar and Grill on Gaston right in the heart of Lakewood. It's sorta mind-boggling to me that I've gone this long without hitting this joint before. Nothing fancy, but a good, eclectic crowd, low on the douche-quotient. Beer's cold, there's lots of parking, and the bathrooms are on the plus side of clean. What more do you want.

3. The Mumbles, a cover band (mostly) made up of (I think) a bunch of 40-something white guys. They play a lot of punk and New Wave, stuff you haven't heard live in a while. And they are fun! Friday night was the send-off show for one of the guitarists, who is apparently moving to Michigan. It was a fond, if profane, bon voyage indeed! Loud, tons of energy, great song selections. Again, what's not to like? Not sure what the loss of Tommy the Guitarist means for these boys, but it they're around, I'd definitely go see 'em again.

Along the way, we also made a stop at Allgood Cafe in Deep Ellum for a swim through a King Bucks set. I really could have sworn the show posting said, "Kick in what you think appropriate", but there was Mike Snider collecting $10 a head in his little drum. Not that $10 is outrageous to pay for King Bucks - it's not. I was just a little surprised. I know Mike and Allgood are nearly revered in this town, and I would think running a successful business in Deep Ellum takes some doing, but I have to say I have never felt very welcome in that place. I may get tarred and feathered next time I'm down there for saying all this, but it's the truth.

In other news, all the Friday night festivities meant we missed one of our favorites, Soul Track Mind, at good ol' Lochrann's. Hated to miss those boys, but sometimes you gotta make tough decisions.


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