Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The rebirth of CIT

So, obviously, a whole lot of time has gone by since I’ve paid any attention to little CIT. As I’ve struggled to screw my head back on, I’ve struggled equally with a basic sense of worth. That struggle has manifested itself in any number of ways, most pertinent here being the basic question of “What the hell do I have to say that’s worth anyone’s time?”

Here endeth the self-analysis. Except, of course, when it makes for good comedy.

A nagging little thought coursing around the back of my melon has been music, the small community around North Texas music, and the place I have sought to carve out for myself in that community.
I am not, much to my chagrin, a musician of any sort. I play no instruments, know practically nothing about music theory, and even the cats think my singing is horrible.

However, I am an appreciator of music. Thanks to some of the people I have encountered along the way, I have been exposed to a wide variety of music – classical to bluegrass to metal to jazz/big band to who knows what else. I know what I like, and I know it quickly. And I appreciate the talent, perseverance, and effort required to make music, especially good music.

I see a lot of shows, go to a lot of venues, keep up with the local news, and listen to a lot of music from musicians most people don’t know much about. While I am not an inner member of the North Texas musical community, I am on the fringes, and I am more a part of the community than many.
I have opinions. I’m semi-literate. And I have this silly little blog.

So, here is, I hope, the rebirth of CIT as a North Texas music blog, a little insight into what’s happening musically in our midst, and maybe, for me, a step closer to the community I admire and appreciate.

Big enough intro? OK, then. On to the meat!

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