Thursday, February 12, 2009

The greatest Web site in the history of ever

If you have not checked out Pandora Radio, you need to.

A streaming music site which puts to work the findings of The Music Genome Project, Pandora takes music you like and extrapolates it into more music it thinks you'll like. Whatever taxonomy they came up with, it frickin' works. I am amazed at the songs this thing dredges up - old favorites I haven't heard in years, new stuff I haven't heard before but like immediately, and the Petey All-Time Top 100 in a commercial-free endless stream.

You can read more about the artist, album, or song; find similar artists or songs; continue to refine your "station"; create new stations; or just sit back and let the sheer awesomeness of it wash over you for hours on end.

Best part? The free app for Super-Phone, which works equally well on Wi-Fi or the cell network.

THIS is technology you can use! Check it out!

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Read More Walt Whitman! said...

Baby, I been hip to this for over a year. It is amazing to finally have a soundtrack to my life....