Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hamas' cease-fire: Disingenuous, hypocritical, and homicidal

As you no doubt have heard, Hamas and Israel recently agreed to a truce. This was HUGE news when it broke, and raised my level of optimism about the Middle East nearly to levels not seen since the heady days of Yitzhak Rabin.

Here we are, six days into this historic truce, and we're beginning to see that Hamas is not even remotely serious about it, and has pulled another publicity stunt which will result in yet more civilians in both Israel and Gaza being killed. In other words, Hamas is still full of sh**, always will be full of sh**, and anyone who thinks they've become less full of sh** is delusional, stupid, or both.

I hate those guys. Just in case you hadn't noticed.

The latest is this: Islamic Jihad launches rockets from Gaza into southern Israel. Israel responds by closing the border. Hamas says Israel has broken the truce.

Wait a second. Wasn't the truce broken when the rockets were launched?

According to Hamas, no. Why not? Well, because Hamas didn't launch the rockets, Islamic Jihad did.

Hang on. Islamic Jihad launched the rockets. From Gaza. Where Hamas is the governing force (such as it is). Now I'm really confused.

Hamas has tried to allay my confusion by clarifying thus: Hamas has declared a truce with Israel. Hamas has called on all Palestinian groups to honor it. But Hamas will not be "Israel's policeman" by enforcing the truce on any of the other groups.

So, the guys who were wearing Hamas green last week now put on their Islamic Jihad t-shirts (red? orange? I don't know what color), scratch the Hamas slogans off their Iranian-made rockets and replace them with Islamic Jihad slogans, spin 'em up, and scatter some dirt and (hopefully not) body parts in Israel. Hamas is magically innocent of breaking the truce, and when Israel retaliates, Hamas gets to call a press conference to tell the world how the evil Israelis are not living up to their agreements.

No hypocrisy there, right?

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