Saturday, February 02, 2008

New, utterly revolting terror tactic

By now, you've no doubt read about the latest atrocity (FAR too mild a word) committed by Iraqi terrorists. Two women with Down syndrome were strapped up with explosives, sent into Baghdad markets, and blown to bits (along with more than 70 passers-by) via remote control.

Mentally disabled women used as unwilling suicide bombers. Shall we count up the number of horrific, morally bankrupt points which show up in that statement? I get at least six.

Dear God. I don't know what to say. I am so speechless that I really wrestled with even writing this post. What can I possibly say that will accurately convey my horror, disbelief, revulsion, and anger at this cowardly, morally bankrupt act? There IS nothing I can say which will do my sentiments, or those of any human, any justice.

The terrorists, presumably AQ or a franchisee, claim to be doing God's work. I believe God is keeping track of acts committed in His name. The bill will come due for these miserable cretins in time.

When does the Enniskillen moment come in Iraq? When does AQ commit an act so repugnant, so cowardly, and so shocking that it turns their support base against them? If this isn't it, then God help us all.

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