Thursday, February 14, 2008

More cute'n'cuddly hate from Hamas

Tomorrow's Pioneers, the Palestinian pre-school TV show which brought us the lovable, hate-filled, Nazi mouse Farfour, who was beaten to death by a fictional Israeli policeman (how ludicrous is the previous sentence?), now brings us a new, even-more-huggable, even-more-psychotic, fuzzy children's character: Assud the Bunny.

Assud (which translates to "Lion", sort of an interesting moniker for a rabbit) tells Sara'a, the kindly child host of this truly evil program, that he wishes to "finish off the Jews and eat them."

Things like this make me want to tear my hair out. These are the actions of people who have no regard for the improvement of conditions for their people. They are not concerned about the lives and minds of their children. They are not interested in discussion or compromise.

How, then, is Israel supposed to deal with these people?

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