Thursday, March 15, 2007

Mavs: Welcome to the Knee-Jerk Dome

So, the Mavs dropped one to the hated Phoenix Suns last night. Final score: 129-127 in double overtime (see, it's even news in Taiwan). Not exactly a blowout.

The Mavericks had several chances to put this one away, but uncharacteristic mistakes by Dirk and Josh Howard (the two All-Stars, if you will recall) led to continued life for Phoenix. Little Stevie Nash did not let the opportunity escape, drilling the final three for the win, after scoring the previous seven points as well. That guy is pretty good.

The Suns in general are pretty good. The team that pushed the Mavs to six in the Western Conference Finals last year have become markedly better with the full return to health of Amare Stoudamire. That guy is not just good. He's a monster.

There is no shame in losing a truly titanic battle to the Suns. No shame at all.

What's got me teed off today is the rather egregious knee-jerking that's been going on from the so-called Mavericks faithful. I honestly cannot believe the number of "Dirk is a choker" comments I've heard from various sources throughout the day. Also popular are, "The Mavs can't finish," "The Mavs have no heart," and "Steve Nash is the hands-down MVP."

If any of those phrases came out of your mouth today, you should have your season tickets revoked.

This was a regular season game in mid-March. Granted, it was a regular season game of consequence, but it was a regular season game none the less.

Did you expect the Mavs to finish 73-9?

Personally, I liked everything I saw last night. Yep, that's right. Everything. Even Dirk's missed free throws and Josh Howard's stupid final foul.

Avery has something to coach now. Phoenix, which is one of the most dangerous teams in NBA history, now has the Mavericks' full attention. The Mavs are going to be just fine.

The alleged fans, however, I'm not so sure about.

In case you didn't know it, the Mavs are unlikely to go 16-0 in the playoffs. Even if they achieve their own goal and win the ring, they will lose a few along the way. Are you, the so-called MFFL, prepared for that?

Based on the utterly ridiculous reaction to last night's exceptionally entertaining game, I don't think you are.

You've got 4 weeks or so to get your head right. This thing will not be over until the guys in the other colored sweats manage to ring up four wins. Until that moment, you need to lock it up.

Get to work.

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Anonymous said...

totally agree...the game could have gone our way easily, and with all the blunders we made, we're lucky it was close. i think this game will help the mavs focus better..good game by the suns, but the mavs can do better.