Thursday, February 04, 2010

Upcoming live music field trips

Here at CIT, we’re making a concerted effort to take in more live music (and that was a kick-ass joke, I don’t care what anyone says). My compadre Wild Bill and I, along with anyone who’s interested, will be taking in shows in a variety of Dallas venues and passing along reviews and opinions in these pages.

We’re just getting started, and we have severe time constraints (having, like, jobs and kids and stuff), so the calendar is pretty sparse at the moment. Definites are:

Beyond these two, there are no must-sees right now. We’ll be on the lookout for Old 97s when they roll through, and there’s interest in Calhoun, Eleven Hundred Springs, and a few other local acts. We’ll take suggestions. Please keep in mind we are 40-something white guys who are trying to get the groove back when you submit ideas.


Daniel R. Elkin said...

Nice Comment, squarey....

BTW, the Dropkick Murphy's are Smexy, there is very little sex appeal about them

PHE said...

C'mon, now. Be charitable. How can a band who does a song called "Kiss Me, I'm &%$#-faced" be un-sexy?