Sunday, December 09, 2007

Cowboys dodge a big one

We'll have lots more to say about Cowboys 28 Lions 27 in coming days, but this game warrants a quick one right now, 90 seconds after the final gun.

Let's forget for a moment that this Cowboy defense still looks shaky as hell. Let's forget TO Owens being, for all intents and purposes, shut out. Let's forget the Lions, a team which seems to expect to lose, making the Cowboys look inept for the vast majority of the game.

Let's just focus, for the rest of today, on the young Jedi master wearing number 9. Tony Romo continues to lead a charmed life, rallying his team, once again, to grab a win when a loss seemed inevitable. Some others have thrown around the term "best season ever for a Cowboy QB", which is, when you stop to think about Aikman, Staubach, White, and Meredith, really saying something. I think I'm on board with the sentiment.


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