Sunday, August 05, 2007

Bonus YouTube: U2 on the Tom Snyder show 1981

I was in the car by myself for a bit today, and managed to catch at little of Long Tall Dan Paul and Wilonsky on The Ticket. They did a long segment on the recently departed Tom Snyder and their overwhelmingly positive memories of him and his shows.

I have never been a huge late night TV fan, and have not spent much time with TV talk shows in general, so I didn't know much about Snyder's interest in and support for music acts of all sorts. Nor was I familiar with his particular soft spot for New Wave and punk in the early 80s. People and bands who did not do TV talk shows did Snyder's Tomorrow or Late Late Show regularly. Johnny Rotten (not an interview so much as a verbal fist fight), Wendy O. Williams, KISS, Iggy Pop, The Clash, etc etc all made appearances with Snyder.

One of the all-time great interviews, although it is SHORT, was Snyder's chat with early-80s Bono and The Edge. You could see the greatness even then.

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